In 1996 Shell Deepwater Development Systems Inc. awarded a contract to Heerema Marine Contractors for the transportation, installation and integration of URSA TLP. The project consisted of the following tasks: 

  • Transportation of the TLP Hull on the H-851 from Belelli yard in Taranto, Italy to Aruba.
  • Offloading TLP Hull near Aruba and towing to Caracas Bay, Curacao.
  • Transportation of major Topsides from McDermott yard in Amelia Louisiana to Caracas Bay.
  • Transportation of Drill Rig Packages from Amfels yard in Brownsville, Texas to Caracas Bay.

Topsides were installed on the TLP hull at the inshore installation site, Caracas Bay. The piles and tendons were transported on various cargo barges from the AGM yard in Aransas Pass, Texas, and towed to the offshore installation site, Mississippi Canyon Block 809.

The TLP was towed from the inshore installation site, Caracas Bay, to the offshore installation site. The piles were installed, the tendons were assembled and transferred to the TLP. The TLP with the tendons was then installed at the offshore installation site Mississippi Canyon Block 809.

Finally, the flare boom was transported from the McDermott yard in Amelia, Louisiana to the offshore site and installed on the TLP.

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 1998-Q1
Offshore End Date: 1998-Q4

Main Spread
Vessel: --
Transport Vessel(s): Balder
Hamers: MHU-500

Main Technical Data
Hull: Height 90m - Diameter column 26m - Weight 28,241mT
Topsides: Weight 21,650mT
Lift: Major topsides dual crane - Max lift: 5,058mT - Minor topsides single crane
TLP Tendons: Diameter 32" - Length 1,140m - Weight 880m
TLP Foundation Piles: Diameter 96" - Length 127.1m - Weight 326mT