Moho Nord Field is located in around 800 meters water depth, 75 km offshore Congo. Moho Nord Field Development consists of a TLP, STAD, FPU and flowline infrastructures. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., LTD contracted Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland SE (HMC) for the transportation and installation of the Moho TLP and Moorings.

The project was executed in  in two phases using SSCV Thialf and SSCV Hermod.

During Phase 1, executed in 4th quarter 2014 and 1st quarter 2015 with SSCV Thialf, the following components were transported and installed:

  • 12 FPU mooring piles, 8 STAD mooring piles, 2 TLP Lateral mooring piles (for the TLP holdback lines)
  • Pre-lay of 12 FPU mooring lines, 8 STAD mooring lines, 2 Lateral mooring lines
  • 22 Cathodic protection frames on piles 
  • 27 Conductor piles

During Phase 2, executed in 4th quarter 2015 and 1st quarter 2016 with SSCV Hermod, the following components have been transported and installed:

  • 12 TLP piles, 12 Anode cones, 12 Segmented Tendons, 12 TBMs, TLP floater

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 2014-Q3
Offshore End Date: 2016-Q1

Main Spread
Vessel: Hermod / Thialf
Transport Vessel(s): Jumbo Fairload, Abis Cadiz, Abis Dundee, Abis Nordic
Transport Barges: JMC-3003; JMC-3007; H-404; H-405; Wagenborg 9
Hammers: MHU-500T; MHU-270T

Main Technical Data
Piles: all drive piles, 22 x 84 inch mooring piles, 12x84 inch TLP piles and 27 x 36 inch conductors
FPU mooring lines: 12x combination of studless chain and Spiral Stand wire connected by H-links. Total length ~ 1.5km
STAD & TLP mooring lines: 10x combination of studless chain and polyester wire connected by H-links. Total length ~1.5 km
Tendons: 12 x 10 segments with 24 inch diameter
TLP: Integrated TLP (Hull and pre-installed Topside) with outer dimensions ~ 61 x 61 m. Final draft 30m