Shell Exploration & Production Company awarded a contract to Heerema Marine Contractors BV for the removal and transportation of the Mars TLP Drill Rig. The Mars TLP suffered extensive damage as a result of Hurricane Katrina whereby the drill derrick, including substructure and skid beams, collapsed. Large parts of the derrick tower had fallen overboard and rested on the seabed in app. 300 ft from the Northside. The derrick collapsed over some equipment towers (Glycol towers) and the North crane. The craneboom was destroyed from the bottom section forward.

Structural repair work and assistance in making the platform

safe was also performed. SSCV was anchored out at field and connected with an

intermediate mooring system to the TLP. 

The work was peformed November

2005 utilising SSCV Hermod.

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 2005-Q1
Offshore End Date: 2005-Q4

Main Spread
Vessel: --
Transport Vessel(s): Hermod
Hamers: --

Main Technical Data
Drill Rig: Total Weight: 950 shT
Pony Structure: 150 shT
Skid Base: 250 shT