The Holstein field is located in Green Canyon Block 645, approximately 100 miles south of Grand Isle Louisiana in a water depth of 4344 feet. The Holstein field is developed in a 50/50 partnership between BP and Shell with BP as the operator.

The Holstein development is part of the BP Deep Water Development Program comprising Holstein, Mad Dog, Thunder Horse and Atlantis fields, and the Mardi Gras Transportation System.

The Holstein Floating Production Facility comprises of a Truss Spar, moored with a 16 leg taut mooring system and carrying a two level topsides.Two steel catenary export risers for oil and gas tie in to the Mardi Gras Transportation System.

Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland BV were contracted by BP Exploration & Oil Inc. and Amoco Production Company for the installation of the Holstein Facilities.

The contract comprised the transport and installation of Mooring Components, Spar Hull, Fixed Ballast, Topsides.

The project comprised of three phases:

  • Phase I: Prelaid moorings (Balder)
  • Phase II: Hull (Balder)
  • Phase III: Topsides (Thialf)

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 2004-Q1
Offshore End Date: 2004-Q4

Main Spread
Vessel: --
Transport Vessel(s): Balder & Thialf + Support
Hamers: --

Main Technical Data
Piles: Suction pile (16 off) - Diam.: 18ft - L: 129ft - W: 256t
Platform chain: Diam.:171mm - L: 900ft - W: 161t
Spiral strand wire: Diam.: 147.6mm - L: 3300ft - W: 133t
Pile chain: Diam.: 171mm - L: 250ft-650ft - W: 45-116t
Hull (Truss-spar): Diam.: 45,5m - L: 227m - W: 30,800t
Topsides: 4 major lifts, dual crane - W: 24,000t - W: 8,000t