Wood-GMC subcontracted Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland B.V. to assist in all marine activities for the dismantling and re-use of the Brent Spar Storage and Off-loading Buoy. The Project comprised of three phases:

Phase I: The removal of the Topsides from the Spar hull and offloading of the Topsides onto NMOR's scrapping yard in Hjelmeland.

Phase II: Vertical lifting and dismantling of the Spar hull in five stages of 23.25m high ring sections. For this, launch barge H-851 was outfitted (in "Forklift Mode") with a Lifting Cradle underneath the rocker beams, which could be jacked-up by 18 strand jacks. HMC's scope of work for this phase was to:

  • Transport of Launch Barge H-851 to Yrke Fjorden
  • Mooring of the H-851 using existing Brent Spar mooring arrangement
  • Mating of the Spar Hull
  • Strand Jacking of the Spar Hull
  • Skidding of the Ring sections

Phase III: Transportation of the H-851 to Mekjarvik, Stavanger where the ring sections were lifted from the H-851 and set down next to each other on the sea bottom to form a foundation for a new roll-on, roll-off quay.

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 1999-Q1
Offshore End Date: 1999-Q4

Main Spread
Vessel: --
Transport Vessel(s): Thialf
Hamers: --

Main Technical Data

Topsides: Height 25m - Diameter 1,024" - Weight 1,683 t
Transition Column: Height 23.3m - Diameter 669" - Weight 1,564 t
1st Ring Section: Height 23.3m - Diameter 1,146" - Weight 2,3553 t
2nd Ring Section: Height 23.3m - Diameter 1,146" - Weight 1,492 t
3rd Ring Section: Height 23.3m - Diameter 1,146" - Weight 1,706 t
Ring Section: Height 23.3m - Diameter 1,146" - Weight 8,010 t