EPCI of Risers, Production & Service Flowlines.

BP intended to develop a number of fields offshore Angola. The program focuses on two geographical areas: Angola Block 31 North East, and Block 31 South East. BP operates Angolan Block 31 under a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) with Sonangol. The Block 31 PSA Group consists of BP, ExxonMobil, Sonangol, Statoil, Marathon and Total.

The first project is Block 31 NE - PSVM (Plutao, Saturno, Venus and Marte). The second, third and fourth projects will be for reserves in the Southeast of Block 31.

PSVM consists of four oil fields: Plutao, Saturno, Venus and Marte. These fields are geographically dispersed in the north eastern corner of the block and located in a water depth ranging between 1800 and 2100m.

All four fields are developed with manifolded subsea production wells producing to the FPSO through pipe-in-pipe production flowlines with a non-insulated service line of the same ID for circulation.

All risers are of the Single Leg Hybrid Riser (SLHR) configuration consisting of a continuous single pipe section supported at the top by a buoyancy tank. The riser is connected to the FPSO by a dynamic flexible riser jumper. Gas lift is provided to the base of the production risers via a dedicated gas lift riser and subsea gas lift distribution manifold. Insulation has been added to meet design requirements. The SLHR is connected to the seafloor by a driven foundation pile (including a clump weight module).

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 2010 - Q2
Offshore End Date: 2011 - Q1

Main Spread
Vessel: DCV Balder
Transport Vessel: Union Manta
Hammer: MHU-500T

Main Technical Data
Production Flowlines: 87 km - 40 km x 12-16" (PiP) - 10 km x 10-14" (PiP)
Service Flowlines: 31 km x 12" (CS) - 9 km x 10" (CS)
Production Risers: 2 x 12" & 1 x 10" (CS)
Service Risers: 2 x 12" & 1 x 6" (CS)
Gas Lift Risers: 1 x 6" Wet Insulated (CS)
Water Injection Risers: 2 x 12" - HDPE lines, Clad CS joints
Gas Injection Risers: 1 x 8" (CS)