The Atlantis development was the last one in a row of 4 major Deepwater Developments installed as part of the BP program contract in the Gulf of Mexico. This Hull was installed in the field and connected to its mooring lines by the DCV Balder in Q2 2006.

Pre-lay of the mooring lines was successfully completed in December 2005 by DCV Thialf.

With the completion of the Atlantis facility , HMC have installed over 90 Deepwater mooring lines, whereby Atlantis was another depth record in our chronicle.

Main Characteristics

Offshore Start Date: 2006-Q1
Offshore End Date: 2006-Q4

Main Spread
Vessel: --
Transport Vessel(s): DCV Balder
Hamers: --

Main Technical Data
Suction Piles: Diameter: 18ft - L: 63ft (3x) / 69ft (9x) - W: 170t
Mooring Line: 12x
Platform Chain: Diameter: 146mm - L: 1380ft - W: 245t
Spiral Strand Wire: Diameter: 146mm - L: 4920ft - W: 135t
Pile Chain: Diameter: 156mm - L: 740ft - 1000ft - W: 110t - 150t
Hull (Semi): Dimension: 90 x 90m - W: 61,000t