In the description below we would like to clarify the informational structure of our Heerema HMC Careers website (and enable you to navigate directly to that information). The website is set up through offering you six main entry bases, each targetted at providing you with the right information related to that topic.


This area provides you with information related to working at HMC, from the jobs we presently have to the steps there are in the recruitment process.


The Projects area shows you a cross-section of the types of projects that HFG undertakes, and the relevant business areas.


This area provides you with information about internships at Heerema HMC.

  • Students

About us

In this area you will find information related to the structure of the group, the policies and values we have and the history of our company.


This website section helps you navigate directly to our locations and corresponding contact data. 


Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) has recently been the victim of a number of fraud attempts where law firms, purchase departments and potential recruits are fraudulently approached by individuals alleging to represent HMC. These attempts often originate from (but not limited to) Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or .net addresses. For the avoidance of doubt: HMC’s domain name is and HMC does not use the aforementioned e-mail addresses for any of its correspondence.

In case you have received any suspicious e-mails from the addresses above or any new addresses that you deem unusual or odd, please contact us immediately at, or call +31[0]71 579 9000 and ask to speak to the Communications Department.