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  • Leiden , The Netherlands
  • Bachelor
  • Professional

About the Job

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a leading marine contractor in the offshore industry. We take pride in doing what others can’t do. We excel at transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities. At HMC, we have a strong and proud family culture and cherish our heritage. It is in our DNA to deliver high quality, safe and sustainable services, on time and within budget. We are dedicated people that show initiative, resourcefulness, creativity and take ownership. HMC recruits highly qualified people and maintains the highest standards of quality and safety through reliable processes. Together we get the job done!

The department
As a 3D Modeler & Texture Designer you will be exposed to variety of projects modeling technical visual products for studies, tenders, commercial projects, internal business development products. You will be assigned to the Animation & Simulation teams supporting all programs requiring low poly modeling and detailed UV texturing of the models. Your design skills and creativity are expected in polishing your work.

Your daily activities
The ideal 3D Modeler possess digital smarts, a passion for creative and inventive ways to quickly complete low poly, but highly detailed 3d models for the animation and simulation teams. Using your artistic approach in texturing to provide the needed detail without having to increase the models poly count. Know which available software is best for getting the job done.


  • Secondary vocational education and/or Bachelor degree;
  • At least two years’ experience with both Photoshop and 3D Studio Max;
  • Preferred experience with Rhino, Inventor, Unity 3D Pro, Micro Station, Flight Creator and Blender;
  • A proven record in making low poly models for animations in 3D Studio Max;
  • Efficient with work preparation and planning, knowing when enough is enough to get the job done;
  • A collaborative spirit, a sense of humor, and a strong work ethic with a "let's figure it out" approach;
  • Eager to learn and always looking for new 3D techniques.

What we offer

  • Excellent secondary labor conditions, such as a bonus payment, a first-class pension scheme and various insurance plans;
  • Holiday; 30 working days;
  • Ample opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • Free use of Heerema's in-house fitness facility;
  • Opportunities to develop your initiatives within a team;
  • An informal working environment with international colleagues;
  • A centrally located office with a good accessibility and parking.

For this vacancy HMC does not accept unsolicited CVs or applications from agencies. 


If you feel that you can add to the performance of Heerema Marine Contractors, you are welcome to upload your resume and your motivation letter or to sign up for our Job Alert. 

Working at Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema Marine Contractors has built itself a solid global reputation in the offshore industry. Originally for the transportation and installation of fixed oil and gas platforms, standing on the seabed. And for the removal of old platforms at the end of their working life. We are helping the industry to push back its own boundaries. By enabling it to operate further and further from the coast, for example, and in ever deeper water. Heerema owns the largest crane vessels in the world: Sleipnir, Thialf, Balder and Aegir. In addition, the Heerema fleet has a range of equipment, such as tugs, barges, offshore lifting and pile-driving equipment.  

Opening up opportunities at these extremes, where conditions are often very difficult, has required an exponential increase in the scale and complexity of the necessary infrastructure. This means that you will face new and even greater challenges, demanding your ingenious solutions and contractor mentality.