Thialf, our largest deepwater construction vessel (DCV), is capable of a tandem lift of 14,200 t (15,600 short tons). Its two cranes provide for a depth reach lowering capability as well as a heavy lift capacity to install topsides. This multi-functional dynamic positioned DCV is customized for the installation of foundations, moorings, SPARs, TLPs, and integrated topsides, as well as pipelines and flowlines.

Length overall201.6 m661 ft
Length of vessel165.3 m542 ft
Width88.4 m290 ft
Depth to workdeck49.5 m162 ft
Draught11.8-31.6 m43-104 ft
GRT136,709 t-
NRT41,012 t-

Accommodation / Helicopter Deck

The living quarters are equipped to accommodate 736 men. All quarters have heating and air conditioning facilities. The helicopter deck is suitable for a Boeing Chinook 234.

Life-saving / Fire-fighting Equipment

Thialf has life-saving and fire-fighting equipment in accordance with the latest governmental requirements.

Mooring System

12 Delta Flipper anchors of 22.5 t each, on 3 1/8" wire ropes of 2,400 meters (8,000 ft) long. Minimum breaking strength 480 t. Kongsberg Albatross ADP 503 and ADP 311 automatic and dynamic positioning and mooring assistance.

Diving System

Containerized saturation diving system with diving bell can be made available.

Port Side Crane & Starboard Crane

Main hoist revolving7,826 stup to 31.2 m (102 ft)
Auxiliary hoist1,000 st36.0-79.2 m (120‍–‍260 ft)
Whip hoist220 st41.0-129.5 m (134‍-‍425 ft)

Main Hoist Lifting Height

95 m (312 ft) above work deck for each crane. Lowering depth of auxiliary hoists 460 m (1,500 ft) below work deck at minimum radius.

Main Hoist Plumbing Depth

The lowering depth of main hoist at minimum radius with 3,500 t is 307 meters below heel point and with 2,990 t, 351 meters below heel point. Heel point is 24.4 meters (80 ft) above work deck.

Tandem Lift

Main hoist 14,200 t (15,600 st) at 31.2 meters (102 ft) radius (subject to stability calculations).

Ballast System

Ballast pump capacity 20,800 cubic meters/hour.

Dynamic Positioning System

Thialf is equipped with a Class III Dynamic Positioning system with the following characteristics:

6 x 5,500 kW - 360 degrees azimuth, total thrust 400 t.

Modes of operation

  • Manual
  • Joy-stick
  • Auto-pilot
  • Full DP mode
  • Position mooring

Special DP functions

  • Track follow
  • Heavy lift
  • Follow floating object
  • External force compensation

Position reference systems

  • 2 x satellite DGPS
  • 1 x mechanical taut wire (300 m)
  • 1 x Artemis
  • 2 x acoustic SSBL/LBL
  • 1 x Fan-beam laser

Transit speed with 1 tug max. 7.0 knot at 12.5 m draft.

Deck Load / Transit Speed

  • Deck load capacity 15 t/m²
  • Total deck load capacity 12,000 t
  • Transit speed with 12,000 tons deck load 6 knots at 12.5 meters (43.6 ft) draft.