Sleipnir is the world's most sustainable SSCV and has been designed for worldwide offshore heavy lifting. It is equipped with two cranes of 10,000 metric tonnes lifting capacity each and a reinforced deck area of 220 meters in length and 102 meters in width, making it the largest crane vessel in the world.
The dual cranes provide for heavy lifting capacity both to install and remove jackets and topsides. Furthermore, the cranes can be utilized for installation of foundations, moorings and structures in deep water. The Sleipnir is self-propelled with a minimum service speed of 10 knots, with power generated by means of dual fuel engines – MGO & LNG. Station-keeping is by means of dynamic positioning (DP3) or mooring system.


Length overall220 m721 ft
Beam overall102 m334 ft
Length over Work Deck180 m590 ft
Beam over Work Deck97.5 m320 ft
Depth to Work Deck49.5 m162 ft
Draft range12-32 m39-104 ft

Accommodation / Helicopter Deck

The living quarters are equipped to accommodate 400 men in single and double cabins. All quarters have heating and air conditioning facilities.

Helicopter Deck

The helicopter deck has a diameter of 28 m and a load capacity of 15.6 mT. It is suitable for an Augusta Westland EH101 or a Sikorsky S-92. 

Life-saving / Fire-fighting Equipment

Sleipnir will be equipped with nine free-fall lifeboats with a capacity of 70 persons each, divided over three lifeboat stations (three lifeboats per lifeboat station). 

Station Keeping / Propulsion System

DP System:
IMO equipment Class 3, Lloyd's Register DP (AAA).

Forward end - Four (4) retractable, underwater demountable fixed pitch, variable speed azimuth thrusters of 5.5 MW each.
Aft end - Four (4) underwater demountable fixed pitch, variable speed azimuth thrusters of 5.5 MW each. 

Mooring System:
4 x 3 point mooring system, 3 1/8" wire ropes of 1,750m, minimum breaking strength 578 mT
Stevpris Mk-6 anchors of 12 t each.

DP Modes of Operation

  • Joystick
  • Mixed joystick/auto
  • Auto heading
  • Auto position
  • Heavy lift mode
  • Green DP control

Position Reference System

  • 2 x DGPS, Kongsberg DPS 5D
  • 2 x DGPS, Kongsberg DPS 232
  • 1 x Radius, Kongsberg 1000D
  • 1 x Spottrack, Kongsberg
  • 2 x HPR, Kongsberg HiPAP 501 with HAIN
  • 1 x Tautwire, Mk 15/500

Port Side and Starboard Heavy Lift Cranes

Boom Length

144 m (from heel point to whip hoist)
Boom Clearance (to deck)28.0 m in stowed position
Main Hoist Capacity - 
10 000 mT between 27 - 48 m radius
7 000 mT at 62 m radius
4 000 mT at 82 m radius
Main Hoist Lifting Height from -20 m up to 129 m (above waterline at 32m draft)
Main Hoist Maximum Radius102 m
Auxiliary Hoist Capacity -
2 500 mT between 33 - 60 m radius
Aux. Hoist Lifting Heightfrom -50m up to 165 m (above waterline at 32 m draft)
Aux. Hoist Maximum Radius135 m
Whip Hoist Capacity -
200 mT between 37 - 153 m radius
Whip Hoist Lifting Heightfrom -100m up to 181 m (above waterline at 32 m draft)
Whip Hoist Maximum Radius153 m
Deep Water Loweringheave compensated capacity per crane
1 000 mT at 1 000 m below sea level
760 mT at 1 500 m below sea level
240 mT at 3 000 m below sea level

Auxiliary Crane

Deck CraneOne pedestal mounted, lattice boom crane
70 mT at 12 m radius
25 mT at 60 m radius
8 t at 72 m radius
Range up tp 2 000 m water depth
Man riding certified

Power Generation

Main Power:
96 MW total main power plant, consisting of 12 engines of 8 MW each, divided over four engine rooms (three engines per engine room).
Fuel (dual):
Low sulphur Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and Liquified Natural gas (LNG)
Emission Limits:
Compliant to IMO Tier III requirements. 

Deck Load

Heavy Lift Lay Down Area15 mT/m2
Main Deck10 mT/m2
Total Deck Load Capacity20 000 mT
Total Deck Area12 000 m2