Balder was built in Japan in 1978 by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Company Ltd., and is Hermod's sister vessel. Balder is 154 meters (505 feet) long and 86 meters (282 feet) wide. Its draft is currently 36 feet, but during our work we take in ballast water to increase the draft to 82 feet. This principle is known as semi-submersible.

Deepwater Construction Vessel (DCV) Balder is capable of a tandem lift of 6,300 t (6,945 short tons). The cranes provide for a depth reach lowering capability as well as a heavy lift capacity to install topsides. This multi-functional dynamic positioned DCV is tailored for the installation of foundations, moorings, SPARs, TLPs, and integrated topsides, as well as pipelines and flowlines.


DCV Balder provides a toolbox for deepwater field development up to 3,000 m water depth. The toolbox consists of:

DCV Balder was converted and commissioned in 2001/2002 and has successfully executed various projects since.


Length overall154 m505 ft
Length of vessel137 m450 ft
Width86 m282 ft
Width of deck105.5 m346 ft
Depth to work deck42 m138 ft
Draft11-25 m36-104 ft
Draft incl. thrusters4.5 m under hull-
GRT48,511 t-
NRT33,938 t-

Accommodation / Helicopter Deck

The living quarters are equipped to accommodate 367 people. Additional quarters, installed in January 2007, provide accommodation for 392 people. All quarters have heating and air conditioning facilities. The helicopter deck is suitable for a Sikorsky 61-N.

Life-saving / Fire-fighting Equipment

Life-saving and fire-fighting equipment is in accordance with the latest governmental requirements.

Propulsion / Power

  • Propulsion by two electrically driven, controllable pitch propellers of 4,400 kW each in short nozzle. 
  • Seven thrusters of 3,500 kW Fixed Azimuth Thrusters Type LIPS FS3500-571/NU.
  • Power supply by six diesel driven main generators of 2,765 kW each.
  • The 6 DP Thrusters are supplied by six diesel driven generators of 4,000 kW (5,000kVA).

Port Side Crane

Main hoist guyed3,000 st26–33.5 m86-110 ft
Main hoist revolving2,200 st26-27.5 m86-90 ft
Auxiliary hoist1100 st28.6-123 m93.8–403.5 ft
Whip hoist75 st30.8-127 m101-416 ft

Starboard Crane

Main hoist guyed4,000 st24–37.5 m80-123 ft
Main hoist revolving3,300 st24–33.5 m80-110 ft
1st Auxiliary hoist1,000 st27.2-84 m89-276 ft
2nd Auxiliary hoist660 st30.8-95 m101-312 ft
Whip hoist 250 st36.7-113 m120-371 ft

SB Auxiliary Hoist Plumbing Depth

Lowering capacity of 4,000 crane auxiliary hoist: 400 st at 3000 m below water level at minimum radius. Subsea lowering capabilities are project specific engineered for  the use of SB crane / A&R (Abandonment & Recovery) Winch and MLD (Mooring Line Deployment) Winch.

Main Hoist Lifting Height

Max. lifting height of 3000 crane main hoist: 116 m.
Max. lifting height of 4000 crane main hoist: 98 m.

Tandem Lift

Main hoist 6945 st at 33.5 meters (100 ft) radius.

Ballast System

Static and dynamic ballast system both fully computer controlled. Ballast pump capacity 8,000 m³/hour. Dynamic ballast water handling 500 t/s.

Deck Load / Transit Speed

  • Deck load capacity 20 t/m²
  • Total deck load capacity 8,000 t
  • Transit speed pending on loading condition maximum of 6.5 kn.

Mooring System

12 Delta Flipper anchors of 22.5 tons each, on wire ropes of 4,500 meters (15,000 ft) long. Minimum breaking strength 386 t.

Mooring Line Deployment Winch

MLD-winch system specifications are given separately.

Diving System

Containerized saturation diving system with diving bell can be made available.