Our new deepwater construction vessel (DCV) Aegir was christened during a festive ceremony in September 2013. This latest addition to our fleet is capable of executing complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water and has sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water. The design is a customized Ulstein Sea of Solutions SOC 5000.

Length overall210 m689 ft
Width46.2 m151 ft
Operating draft9 - 11 m29.5 - 36 ft
Transit draft8 m26.3 ft


The living quarters are equipped to accommodate 289 persons in single and double cabins, with a maximum of 305 persons.

Life-saving Equipment

Aegir has life-saving equipment on board for 399 people.

Pipelay Equipment

  •  Type: Pipelay tower for J-lay and Reeling.
  • J-lay: Quad joints, 32” OD Top tension 2,000 mT.
  • R-lay: 2 x 2,000 mT reels capacity, 16” OD, 800 mT top tension.
  • A&R system: 2,000 mT capacity.
  • Deep water lowering: 3,500 m waterdepth, active and passive system heave compensation up to 750 mT.

 Heavy Lift Crane

  • Type: Revolving mast type crane.
  • Boom length: 125 m.
  • Capacity revolving: 4,000 mT between 17 m and 40 m radius; 1,500 mT at 78 m radius.
  • Lifting height: 96 m above main deck.
  • Maximum radius: 79 m.
  • Auxiliary Hoist: 750 mT at 23 - 92 m radius.
  • Whip hoist: 110 t at 31 - 123 m radius.

Auxiliary Cranes

Deck cranes:
Two (2) knuckle boom cranes, each 40 mT SWL at 20 m radius and 5 mT at 40 m radius. Man riding certified.


ROV: Two (2) ROV work class systems, launchable from ROV hangars at starboard and port side.

LARS: Two (2) launch and recovery systems inside the ROV hangars suitable for 3500 m waterdepth.

Power Equipment

Main power: 48 MW total main power plant consisting of six diesel generators rated at 8 MW each.

Emergency power: One emergency diesel generator set rated at 1731 kW.

Station Keeping / Propulsion System


  •  Two (2) 6.5 MW fixed pitch, variable speed, underwater de-mountable thrusters for main propulsion and DP.
  • Four (4) 3.2 MW fixed pitch, variable speed, retractable thrusters for DP.
  • One (1) 2.5 MW fixed pitch, variable speed tunnel thruster for DP and maneuvering. 

DP system:

DP class 3 system