Welcome to Heerema Marine Contractors

HMC has built itself a solid global reputation in the offshore industry. Originally for the transportation and installation of fixed oil and gas platforms, standing on the seabed. And for the removal of old platforms at the end of their working life. But now, increasingly, we are helping the industry to push back its own boundaries.

By enabling it to operate further and further from the coast, for example, and in ever deeper water. Opening up opportunities at these extremes, where conditions are often very difficult, has required an exponential increase in the scale and complexity of the necessary infrastructure. This means that you can expect to time and again you will face new and even greater challenges, demanding ingenious solutions and contractor mentality.

Mission and Vision

We, at HMC, are proud to be a leader in our industry. Showing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, we seize opportunities for growth whilst always remaining true to our HMC culture. We set a high standard by which we help our clients develop the most challenging oilfields in the world. This is a feat we achieve together, as experienced and motivated people, through close collaboration and ambitious innovation in effective project teams. This means that we look for both discipline and flexibility in our people, as well as expertise.


By any measure, to be and to be recognized as the best offshore construction contractor in the world in carefully selected segments and regions of the market.


Our mission is to deliver projects safely, on time and within budget. We will strive to exploit the expected growth in market opportunities without compromising our culture and reputation built over the years. The business climate demands that we plan the work and work the plan.


Quality, health, safety and the environment are as important to the conduct of our business as any commercial interest. We set ourselves strict goals in these areas, which are critically reviewed every year. We are able to continuously improve because we only recruit the best people and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety through reliable processes.


Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) has recently been the victim of a number of fraud attempts where law firms, purchase departments and potential recruits are fraudulently approached by individuals alleging to represent HMC. These attempts often originate from (but not limited to) Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or .net addresses. For the avoidance of doubt: HMC’s domain name is hmc-heerema.com and HMC does not use the aforementioned e-mail addresses for any of its correspondence.

In case you have received any suspicious e-mails from the addresses above or any new addresses that you deem unusual or odd, please contact us immediately at communications@hmc-heerema.com, or call +31[0]71 579 9000 and ask to speak to the Communications Department.