If you haven’t found a specific vacancy that matches your field of interest and expertise, but you do feel that you can add to the performance of Heerema Marine Contractors, you are welcome to upload your resume and your motivation letter.

Working at Heerema 

HMC has built itself a solid global reputation in the offshore industry. Originally for the transportation and installation of fixed oil and gas platforms, standing on the seabed. And for the removal of old platforms at the end of their working life. But now, increasingly, we are helping the industry to push back its own boundaries. By enabling it to operate further and further from the coast, for example, and in ever deeper water.

Opening up oil and gas fields at these extremes, where conditions are often very difficult, has required an exponential increase in the scale and complexity of the necessary infrastructure. This means that you can expect to encounter a broad sweep of work at HMC. Time and again you will face new and even greater challenges, demanding ingenious solutions and pioneering spirit. It is our unsurpassed ability to provide these, which explains why we continue to grow and why we have so many unique career opportunities to offer you.